Teaching Kids to Sew: Part I

Lately, my 8 year old niece has taken an interest in learning to sew. It started with her watching as I’d sew and getting excited and “claiming” the finished product for herself. So of course I am taking the opportunity to teach her how to make her own projects!

First I wanted to make sure that she had a starter sewing machine, so we found a refurbished Brother Jx2517. We paid around $60, and so far it seems to be a decent machine for what she will be using it for. We got some basic sewing supplies such as pins, organization storage, threads, scissors, and I gave her some of my scraps to practice with.

I had her practice sewing in a straight line, and how to pivot and turn the fabric when you reach corners. We practiced sewing two pieces of fabric right sides together, and being the creative girl that she is, she decided to add a strap to make a bag with her practice fabric.

Our next project is a mermaid doll made from the Moda Coral Queen of the Sea panel. This is a perfect project for her as it is fairly simple, yet will test her abilities to keep her speed consistent and stay within the lines.

Stay tuned for Part II, on how the project comes out!


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